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  J.P. Distilleries
    J P Distilleries
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?J P Distilleries was established in 1992, February 5th. The company has an established brand identity in the economy segment of alcoholic beverages. Its strength lies in delivering high quality at consumer-friendly prices, which guarantees a sustainable demand growth.

The two distilleries manufacture extra neutral alcohol and malt, grape and cane juice based spirits. The plants have huge handling and maturation capacities in controlled conditions for various spirits, using the latest equipment and state of the art technology.

The Group’s bottling plant, about 20 km from Bangalore, is one of the largest in India, with an installed capacity of 4 lakhs cases per month and the total groups capacity of 6 ? lakhs cases per month. There is another bottling unit in Andhra Pradesh and production partnership in other states.

An experienced and trained quality control team adheres to strict norms to inspect every stage of production and only the best bottles, after passing through the most rigorous quality check, reach the market.

In the category of spirits, scotch-blended whisky and brandy blended with imported grape spirit are the preferred alcoholic beverages in India. JP Group manufactures liquors in this basket, always focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.?

The wide range of liquors produced by the company are sold under the following brand names:

??RAJA Whisky
??RAJA Rum
??RAJA Brndy
??RAJA Gin
??HIGHWAY Grape Brandy
??HIGHWAY Whisky
??Canopy RUM
??Congo RUM
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